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Zoom Classes


July 8th-Aug 28th

Hello!   We will be offering Zoom every Wednesday for the next 8 weeks.  Coach Kristen will be leading these classes. Another coach will be assisting with the class if enrollment requires. If you have conflicts with the classes offered, please communicate with us so we may try to accommodate your  schedule. 

You will need to pre register through

Payments will be made through venmo @Stephen-Redes

Put the class and info in the"What's it for" area.  If you do not use venmo we will give you another option.  Please let us know.



Classes are as follows:


ages 3 & 4   10:00-10:30    cost per class: $8.00


ages 5 & 6.  10:45-11:30   cost per class: $10.00


ages 7-9      1:00-2:00       cost per class: $12.00


ages 10&up  2:15-3:15      cost per class: $12.00


You can sign up for individual classes up to the day of the class.

  But you can also get a discount if you:

Sign up for any 4 classes and receive 5% off. 

Sign up for 8 classes and receive 10% off


Also if you bring a friend onto Zoom you will get a $5 credit for each 4 week signup.


A 4 week class signup, can be used at any point for the 8 weeks available.



Please sign up in advance.  Payment must be received before the scheduled class time.  You may make a payment through our Venmo account:


If this is a problem please contact us at tntflipsct to make other arrangements.



What you may need to participate:


-Clear area

-Open wall (door)



Household items to have nearby (perhaps have a bag of items that you bring to class)

-Pillow case

-Rolled up socks

-Paper plates

-Small stuffed animal

-Weights (canned food can work)



If you would like to sign up, have any questions, please email us at


We hope to be zooming with you soon! Be safe!

Registration Forms

**All 4 forms must be filled out in their entirety in order to complete the registration process.**

Please email, mail or drop forms off to business office to register.

Registrations will not be accepted unless all forms have been returned.

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